While playing , we will certainly meet with many wow abbreviations, acronyms or English words, which we do not quite understand. I decided to describe as many of them as possible.

WoW Abbreviations glossary:

Add – an additional enemy that joins in the middle of the fight. Often used as “you’ve pulled an add!” in instances
Aggro – Starting the fight, aggro is set to 0. When you attack a monster or heal an ally, we enrage the monster, or increase its aggro for us. Tanks have an easier time keeping monsters on themselves, as their skills cause more aggro than regular blows.
Alt – Other characters in your account. The name we usually call other characters with lower lvl that we play less with than the main character.
Buff – The effect, usually temporary, acting on a given player and having a positive effect – e.g. increases the stats. The variant is Debuff, which has a negative effect. Most have the type of Magic, Curse, Disease or Poison.
Bug – malfunction of the game engine
Cast – casting spells. There are 4 types of skill or spell:
Casting – To get the spell to work, you have to spend a few seconds casting. You can not move then, and when we are attacked, there is a good chance that the enchantment will be interrupted or the casting duration will prolong.
Channeling – j. W., But the missiles are thrown out as we wove.
Instant – works instantly, you do not need to stop
On next hit – the spell will be used automatically on the next physical hit.
Channeling – See Cast.
Cooldown – Time to wait to use the next skill. We also have a Global Cooldown – it works on almost all spells and is 1.5 sec.
Creep – Neutral Mob.
Crit – Critical hit.
Damage Mitigation – Damage reduction by armor
Debuff – Buff having a negative effect. For example Faerie Fire, Wound Poison.
Drop – Loot falling out of the monster.
Farming – Multiple – Monotonous killing of the same monsters for gold or items.
Ganker – A person who repeatedly kills the same person, often of a much lower level. The person can be churned out by so many gankers, so usually the only choice is either to try and get out alive and ressuscitate, or just log out and get hearthstone and come back later.
Grinding – Unlike Farming, it involves killing mobs for quests or experience.
Hybrid – Hybrid (mix) – eg trees in the construction of talents.
Imba (Imbalance) – unbalanced – something good, exaggerated, insatiable.
Inc (incoming) – “Attention is coming!”. Monster or some special attack.
Instance – Instance – A special dungeon for up to 5 players (10/25/40 for raid instances). Every party has a separate instance – by going to ‘dungs’, the server automatically creates a new map with that instance – you will not find any other players in it than your party / raid. At max level some 5-instance instances have heroic mode – all monsters have higher lvl and better loot.
Instant – See Cast.
Item – item.
Kiting – “Running with a monster” – involves running away from a melee monster so that he can not hurt us. Usually, slow down spells are needed. Mages and hunters are great in this role.
Log – Logout, Log In – log in or log off.
Loot – equipment and gold falling out of the monster.
Lvl – Level.
Main – Main character (see Alt).
Maintank – Main tank.
Mats – Materials, ingredients needed to make an item in practically every profession. For example, mats to melt 1 steel bar is 1 iron bar & 1 coal.
Mob – the enemy, controlled by the computer, ie various animals, monster or other hostile beings. They are divided into beast, undead, or humanoid types.
Mount – Mount greatly increasing the speed of movement, available from 20lv. See our mounts section.
Newbie – New player – poorly acquainted but willing to learn to play better.
Ninja – A thief, for example, he will pick up an item he does not need during the raid.
Noob – New player – poorly known but considered himself a great expert.
OffTankSub-tank (for remaining mobs or emergency).
Pet – There are 3 types:
Combat pet – all Hunter and Warlock pets. We can control them quite freely by giving them commands.
Guardian pet – after summoning, following us and attacking enemies nearby – acts like a combat pet in Aggresive & Follow mode. But they can not be controlled. Examples: Mag and Shaman’s elementals.
Companion Pet – A tiny pet who follows the player all the time. They do not perform any function – they can not be attacked, and they do not have any skills. Examples: panda for collectors only, chicken after quest, tiny phoenix falling out of Kael’Thas.
Potion, Elixir, Flask – You will recognize these meanings in the description of Alchemy profession.
PuG – Pickup Group – a group of random players (usually joined by the LFG function), with a single common goal – clearing a particular instance. PuG is not necessarily only 5 people. Party – PuG can be called eg raid on VoA, where almost nobody knows anyone. Therefore, PuG is usually a little worse organized than our guild heroic getaway.
Pull – Every fight with a monster starts when someone is attacked by someone or someone approaches him. This is so. The ‘pull’ of the monster is called pull’em.
Puller – Pulling person. Some classes are better at it, like Hunter thanks to Misdirection.
Raid – Larger party group – can hold up to 40 people, segregated into 8 party groups.
Random – we usually define people from the LFG channel that we do not know, and we go with them to the instance, raid.
Rep – reputation (with given faction).
Res –  Resurrection.
Snare – Slow motion effect, such as Wing Clip, Hamstring, Frost spells.
Spawn – Monsters and herbal remedies regenerate after some time. This place and event is called Spawn.
Stack – There are two types of items – stackable and nonstackable. The first one can be combined so that they occupy only 1 place in the backpack (eg potions, food). With the nonstackable is the opposite – for example, the most variety of armor equipment, necklaces, weapons.
Tank – A character designed to “hold” a monster on itself, using skills that cause high aggro. He usually has far more life and defensive artifacts than the rest of the group.
Taunt – A ability that forces a monster to attack you for a few seconds. This also equates to your aggro with the highest aggro at the moment (Hunter has 1200 aggro and the monster is just attacking him.) Since the taunt is used, the tank also has 1200 aggro and the mob must attack him for a few seconds. In high-level raids, most bosses do not work. If the monster is already attacking the tank, the taunt has no effect.
Threat – See Aggro.
Twink – low lvl character. Almost all items are the best you can get at a given level and are top-tiered as best you can. Usually it is a character with a much higher character, since the items for Twinker are very expensive and no one for normal eg 19lv will not have 2000hp. Usually meet twinkers 19 or 29lvlowych, spend time on battlegrounds.
Whisp – A way of talking through the whisper command, private messages.
Wipe (wipeout) – death of all people in a PvE instance (eg healers did not heal the tank, which led to the wipe – the death of the whole raid)
Zone – zone – eg Elwynn Forest, Winterspring.
Block – block the shield attack
Dodge – dodge
Hit – a hit hit
Miss – miss the goal
Parry – Parry Attack
Agi – Agility. Agility increases ranged attack power, armor and chance for critical hit and dodge.
Int – Intellect. Increases maximum mana, magic chance and mana regeneration.
Spi – Spirit. Increases mana and life regeneration.
Sta – Stamina. Increases the maximum number of life points.
Str – Strength. Strength increases melee attack power and improves shield block.
Crowd Control – CC – Prevent movement and do anything, such as polymorphism, seduction, sleep.
Charm – Enchantment – Mind Control priest or Seduction succubus warlock
Daze – slows movement by 50%, has a good chance of releasing an enemy from a mount
Disarm – You do not have a melee weapon – You fight pretty well and you can not use many melee skills
Disorient – stun – but when it gets hurt, it automatically ends
Fear – You can not do anything, you move in a random direction, and there is a chance that you will end up getting hurt.
Immobilize – interrupt the enchantment
Interrupt – interrupt charm
Silence – Prevents all spells from being cast (magic only)
Stun – you can not do anything
Attack Power – Increases the overall attack of all melee or ranged attacks
Defense – reduces the chance of hitting and critically hitting you and increases the chance that you will block, evade or counter attack
Expertise – Reduces the chance that the enemy will evade or paralyze your attack
Resistance – Reduces the damage received from a given magic.
Resilience – reduces the damage of all critical hits, reduces the chance of a critical hit, reduces the mana and doa effects. Basic artifact in PvP, including stamina.
Melee – physical battle – using weapons, 5yd distance
Ranged – physical combat – using ranged weapons – bows, shotguns, crossbows and thrown weapons
Physical Attack – Melee or ranged – the opposite of a magical attack
Finishing move – Finishing move, taking combo-pointy – rogue or druid cat
Stealth – Invisible “natural” used by night elves, rogues and druids in the form of a cat. Anyone can detect it – but it depends on the difference in levels, range, and angle of view.
Invisibility – Invisibility acquired through Mag’s spell, Succubus Warlock or potion. It can not be detected without special spells or detection effects.

WoW Acronyms glossary:

AP – Attack Power. It can also mean Arena Points.
AH – Auction House – is in every capital city
AoE – Area of ​​Effect – area of ​​mass destruction
AFK – Away From Keyboard – Not at the computer.
BG – Battleground (battlefield) – A special place where the Horde and the Alliance fight. There are several of them in the game and they are of different types – eg Warsong Gulch is the diminutive of the popular Capture The Flag. On the BG we can enter by talking to the battleground master, who are among others. In capitals.
BoE – Bind on Equip – When we put an item with this property, it “attaches” to us and no one else can put it – it will not be sold to another player.
BoP – Bind on Pickup – j. W, but the item is attached to us immediately when we have it in the backpack.
BRB – Be Right Back – I’ll be right back.
DoT – Damage over Time – Damage over time such as 30 seconds, eg Serpent Sting, Curse of Agony, Rend
DMG – Damage – Damage.
DPS – Damage Per Second – Damage per second. There are also characters focused on dealing damage.
FFS – For Fuck Sake – the shit bright.
FTH – For The Horde – “Behind the Horde!”
GJ – Good Job – good job.
GY – Graveyard (cemetery) – where we are born as ghost after death.
GM – Game Master – Person employed by Blizzard to keep order on servers. Punish players for not following the rules.
GS – Gear Score – numerical value evaluating our equipment. Unlike ilvl (item level), the gear score can also take into account the suitability of items for our class and specialization, or even our enchantments and gems. Thanks to GS you can quickly evaluate the gear of a player, even through GearScore addon or such sites as Be Imba!
GTG – Got to go – I have to fly.
HoT – Healing over Time – Same as DoT, but heal (heal). Many such HoTs have, for example, Resto Druid.
HP – Hit Points – Health Points.
HS – Hearthstone – available from the beginning of the game, takes us to the tavern of our city (once every 30 minutes).
IF – Ironforge (Dwarf Capital).
IMO – In My Opinion – In my opinion.
LFG – Looking for Group – Looking for a group for instance x. Also called channel, for the same purpose.
LFM – Looking for More – Looking for more people to instance x.
LOL – Laughing out Loud – Laughing.
MB – Mana-Break – Instant break for mana regeneration / life, often used for heroic or raid.
MMORPG – Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game.
NVM – Nevermind – Minor.
NP – No Problem – There is nothing to lose.
NPC – Non-playing character – a character controlled automatically by the computer, they are not only standing traffickers, guards or characters ordering quests, but also hostile mobs.
OOM – Out of Mana – I have no mana.
OMW – On My Way – I’m on my way (to some point).
SW – Stormwind (People’s Capital)
ROTFL – Rolling on the floor – laughing – laughing.
TR – Team Rating. The same applies to PR (Personal Rating). Sometimes it is said, for example, “how much do you have installment?” Or “how much do you have a rating?”.
TB – Thunder Bluff (capital of Tauren)
TY, THX – Thank You – Thanks
UC – Undercity (capital of the undead)
WG – Lake Wintergrasp – zone for 80lv in Northrend, where every 3h is a battle between Horde and Alliance (in a similar way to battleground)
WoW – World of =)
WTB – Want to Buy x – I want to buy item x. Used on commercial channels, classified ads
WTS – Want to Sell x – I want to sell item x.
WTT – Want to Trade x for y- I want to exchange x for y.
WTF – What The Fuck – What about the fuck?
XP, EXP – Experience – required to get a level.