World of patch 7.3 PTR is finally here bringing us our first look at what is next for world of warcraft Legion. We are going through the major features that are set to be included in this patch.

7.3 PTR

Now as the testing continues far more of this content will roll out to the PTR and we will be giving you new stuff in this topics as post updates. Let’s just get right into it though starting off with Argus itself. Patch 7.3 takes place on Argus after the events of the Tomb of Sargeras. We are finally ready to travel there on our new spaceship Vindicaar. After accepting our summons we eventually arrive on one of the first new zones of the patch, yes you’ve read well ZONES. Argus is comprised of 3 zones, currently we only can visit 1 and it’s a mixture of the familiar Legion theme with some Draenei architecture and an absolutely stunning view of Azeroth. In our opinion this is easily one of the best-looking views that Blizzard have ever created and doing our questing on this torn world in space against the backdrop of Azeroth it’s just a hell of a spectacle. The colors generally are bright and vibrant, they actually do manage to offset the rather familiar Legion tones. That one area is just called Argus the other one is called Stygian wake and the other one is called Mockery which is the capital city of the pre-Legion invasion people. Argus is of course a grounded zone but it is done in a way that actually does make sense, navigation is far more clear than the broken shore with really precise and marked paths on the map and quite a sensible layout so far to make up for.

argus map

Blizzard have created an instantaneous travel network with the Vindicaar.


Argus is not a particularly friendly place but the Vindicaar is a relative safe heaven, not only does it take us to Argus itself but it also serves as our base of operations as access to a few different mechanics and the fast travel Network. It operates similar to flight points but with an instantaneous teleporter. So we get the game design benefits of being on the ground and perhaps even faster travel than what we would have had if we were flying. So far the teleporter locations are quite well spread out and I don’t think that travel will be annoying here like it might have been with say pre-flight broken shore.

7.3 storyline

Next let’s talk about story but in a non-spoiler way. This patch has more narrative focus than 7.2.5.  Argus campaign has a quest line and the first few chapters of that are on the PTR and suffice to say that the there’s lots of big names and cool revealed stuff. The overall quality of the questing is extremely high. The best of what we saw with warlords of Draenor quest flow with lots of NPC interaction and a strong linear’ish story, while voice acting music has not been added yet one. We think that this is definitely top-notch questing from the sort of RPG perspective. Blizzard have branded this as being more of a narrative focused plots which really is a breath of fresh air. After the disappointment of patch 7.2 this content and they even describe it as being sort of more story driven but also with sandbox elements that will sort of have some gameplay reminiscent of the molten front of the Isle of Thunder and the timeless Isle so in writing that it does seem like they’ve realized that maybe the tanaan jungle broken shore style zones just aren’t really doing it for people in all the ways, that maybe they need to do. They did confirm that there will be lots of cinematic story moments so hopefully that will mean more in-game cinematics.

7.3 raiding

Ok let’s talk about the raiding tier. This patch will bring us a new raid which is called Antorus, the Burning Throne and it will unlock some time after the patch 7.3 drops, just like how the Tomb of Sargeras worked. The boss list is quite a lower twist going on there. We just can’t wait to see where they’re going with that. Now it is an 11 boss raid and we’re not quite sure about it, now you’re looking at 915 items level but this raid has 930 normal, 945 hardcore and 960 mythic item levels with the final boss dropping gear that is 10 item levels above. But these are PTR values though so they are subject to change. Like all new raid tiers, this one too does bring a new set which we will post quite soon. Argus also has eight world bosses and those world bosses will drop 913 ilvl stuff. We are also going to be getting a new dungeon in this patch Seat of the Triumvirate, this is a four boss dungeon that is presumably set in the palace of the original Eredar leadership the Kil’jaeden, Velen and Archimonde. We have not seen any changes to the dungeon item levels yet on the PTR and the content isn’t testable yet but we would expect there to be changes broadly with the item level and balancing of all dungeons just like what happened with 7.2 patch.

7.3 world quests

World quests are going to be back in this patch, so far they’re not on the PTR and the devs do seem to be focusing on the story content but world quest will return. I think world quests are fine but they cannot hold a patch together on their own so really we are pretty thrilled to see that the world quests exist but more importantly they exist on the side of more meaty content. We have a new feature coming called invasion points they are not in the PTR yet but they seem like quite a cool concept. These are designed to be re-playable types of content where we go to fight the Legion off on other worlds. Looking through the data mining we can see invasion rifts and trees for blood, fire, forest, ice Islands, luminescence, marsh sand and swamps. These do seem like different biomass and then they’ve called them rift which evokes memories of Diablo 3 so perhaps we’re going to have some procedural generation there. Maybe that would be in line with blizzards goal of these being re-playable content.

7.3 artifacts

We are going to be further customizing our artifacts with a yet to be implemented feature on the Vindicaar called the nether light crucible. It’s going to allow us to customize our weapons relics, but so far there is no word about it. Of course we will have a look at this as soon as Blizzard implements it.

7.3 profession

We also have new profession updates so we have a new type of a bliss room called primal obliterans and we also have epic gems, new entries for crafted gear. As an example there is now an Imperium set for the blacksmith’s and there’s of course a new aura called Imperium, so it looks like these will be superseding the current crafted gear instead of another ten literal upgrades.

7.3 new animations

Finally new animations so we once again are going to be seeing Blizzard work and improving the look and feel of the game and this time they’ll be bringing fresh animations to all mage specs, resto druids, elemental shamans and resto shamans. All three priest specs are not on the PTR yet.

7.3 other changes

PTR data mining does point to new mounts and pets as well as a lot of new models including new variants of the Naaru, Eredar and that many different demons.

So what are our impressions on this? Well to be honest this immediately feels far better than 7.2 did. The visual presentation was some of the best work they’ve ever done and an increased focus on high-quality world content. This new campaign is exactly what we wanted after the let down of patch 7.2. Stepping out the Vindicaar for the first time you actually feel like there’s something different going on, it’s like one of those all moments. Overall it’s just a really visually impressive location and it’s easily the best thing they have made. Without a doubt as far as the content goes they’re saying all the right things. We are really excited about upcoming changes and as we previously mentioned. We will be posting them in this thread.